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Let’s be honest; the path entrepreneurs embark on is a tough road. Owning a business is a huge accomplishment that can be very rewarding for the business owner. Before a small business reaches its first milestone of success, there will likely be a few challenges and obstacles. However, as a business owner, you shouldn’t be wary of any bumps along the road. Instead, you should be prepared.

Even the toughest journeys can be completed with plenty of water, comfortable shoes, and a winning mindset (AKA the essential resources). This is the same for entrepreneurs who are running their small business; with the right tools, your path will become a whole lot smoother. Here are a few of the top online business tools that you should definitely be using as an entrepreneur.

Bright Pattern

Customer service plays a huge role in all businesses; the better the communication, the better your business can thrive. Large companies and major brands typically have a contact center with a support team that manages all factors regarding the customer experience.

Bright Pattern is a call center software provider that believes better customer service begins with revolutionary cloud technology. As a market leader for innovating technology and communication trends, this software company provides excellent customer service through various messaging channels. Bright Pattern contact center software offers support through phone calls, SMS, email, and mobile applications. Bright Pattern contact center software also gives an agent desktop application that allows for smooth communication between companies and their respective customers.

Sometimes, it may seem like communication is impossible to do correctly (even if all it takes is a phone number or an email address). Bright Pattern brings the ease of use of communication with it’s cutting edge innovation.

Fully Accountable

Cash flow, sales tax, sales channels, financial statements, company bank account, financial reports…money may not be the most important factor of a business, but there is a great deal of responsibility around it. Your small business will be dealing with financial needs on a daily basis, and it’s essential that you’re well-equipped to manage everything correctly.

Fully Accountable is an eCommerce accounting and finance firm that provides the best accounting software and services to eCommerce businesses. In need of a bookkeeper? Looking for a CPA? No worries; in addition to proving eCommerce accounting software, Fully Accountable also has a professional team of finance gurus who are ready to serve and enhance your business. Numbers can be a tricky subject, but with the right accounting software from this firm, you’ll always get it figured out.


 It’s no secret that social media is a pretty big deal; everyone from your closest friend to your favorite big brand is active on several online platforms. This should include your own business! It may be a bit overwhelming having to keep up with posting on all of your different channels; fortunately, there’s a perfect tool to help remedy that load.

Later is a popular Instagram scheduler. Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms, and the app Later helps you save major time by planning out all of your posts ahead of time. Not only are you able to schedule several posts for different accounts, but you also learn about the analytics, reports, and data that is driven through your content.

Remember: Although social media is used as a marketing tool for your professional business, it can also be really fun! Having a tool like Later helps relieve any social media-related stress off your shoulders; it’s also an efficient and creative way to grow your business.

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