Retired Nurse Dedicates Her Life To Showering Abused And Abandoned Dogs With Love And Affection During Their Final Moments


A lot of the dogs that eventually end up in the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice located in Mansfield, England have gone through a rough life. Many of them went through abuse or have been overworked before being abandoned and left to die by their owners.

As these abused and neglected pups live their last days on earth, Nicole Coyle has promised to provide them with the love and affection they all need and deserve.

Coyle was a nurse who worked in rescuing and taking care of dogs in need for many years. After she retired, she focused solely on dog rescue and officially started the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice last year.

This professional dog rescuer accepts canines that have a life expectancy of six months or less, while making sure that their last remaining days are filled with as much comfort, love and affection as she can give them.

These dogs living in Coyle’s hospice are brought in from dog pounds where they would’ve been put down, had no one else volunteered to take them in.


She usually takes care of 2-3 dogs at a time. If they can still keep up, Coyle takes them on adventures like going to the beach and eating some fish and chips, or to the pub while she enjoys a steak dinner. Others even have an opportunity of riding a police car!

She also throws every dog under her care a proper birthday party, complete with their very own birthday cake! It doesn’t matter if that day wasn’t really when they were born, the point is that everybody deserves to have celebrated their lives at least once.

She budgets around 500£ per dog, and when she began the hospice, she was paying for all the funds herself. Recently, she started accepting donations in order to continue providing for all these poor pups in her care.

Part of the donations are also used for a new initiative called ‘friends before the end,’ which helps the owners pay for hospital bills and cremation fees, in order to make the finals days of their furry friends just a little bit easier.


For most of the dogs that are taken in the Grey Muzzle Canine  Hospice, it’s their first time in their dog years where they have ever experienced real love, comfort and affection.

While hanging out with dogs all the time is loads of fun, what Coyle does is actually heartwrenching work. She grieves every time a dog that lives with her passes on that she needs to give herself short breaks between taking in more dogs in order to get past her emotions.

She says though that after everything, the pain that she experiences is worth it – because without her, these dogs would never have had the experience to receive all the love and comfort each and every one of them deserve to feel, even for a short amount of time. Instead of spending their last days abandoned and unloved, ready to be put out, they are showered with love, fun and scrumptious food.

They spend their final days surrounded by love, knowing that they are being looked after. Coyle makes their last living days warm and bright, and knowing how she improves their lives makes it all worthwhile.



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