Pet Paintings Made By 9-Year Old Russian Boy Is Traded For Food And Supplies For Shelter Animals

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Some people really have a kind heart and surprise us with some things they do which is unexpected. And it is more appreciated from kids who would rather help solve  issues than play with their toys. Some children come up with the most ingenious ways to solve problems that some adults fail at. Take the case of Russian 9-year old Pavel Abramov.

This boy loves art and is a talented artist. He comes from a small city of Arzamas in Nizhny Novgorod, and has been painting beautiful portraits of pets. But he does not do them to earn money to buy toys, his love for stray animals dictated he do something to help make their lives more comfortable. He exchanges his portraits for food and supplies which he donates to a local shelter.

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Pavel and his mother Ekaterina Bolshakova started their project about a year ago. They call it “Kind paintbrush.” Pavel came up with the idea after a traumatic loss of a four-legged friend. He could no longer bear to ignore stray animals wandering the streets of the city. He wanted to make a change, in memory of his dear Barsik. He surely did, and in a very creative and generous way.

This amazing artist paints real pets of owners, in exchange for kilos of meat, porridge, and supplies for the only animal shelter in Arzamas. He is the youngest volunteer and an important factor in the care of over 100 dogs. Pavel paints the owners’ pets from a photo, but often meets his models when he is finished. He knows each of them by name, and is interested in knowing how the owners met their pets. He is touched by heartwarming stories of pets rescued from the cold streets, and this is what powers his drive to help out.

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But there is more to his helping out. He and his mother have been managing a group on Russian social media site VK – “What a little volunteer is capable of?” It shows what a kid can do to bring a positive change, and encourages others to follow. Pavel does not get funding from organizations, and he does everything himself. Truly kindhearted and definitely talented. His talent and mission has spread outside the city of Arzamas. Animal lovers from all over Russia, and even abroad, want this young artist to paint portraits of their pets and are more than willing to contribute to his charitable mission. “Kind paintbrush” artworks have travelled all the way to Spain, Germany, and soon to other places.

Examples of his pet-painting efforts: Chuck’s portrait was done in exchange for 5kg of buckwheat, 10 cans of canned dog food, and skin medicine.

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Kyusha’s amazing portrait was exchanged for 6kg of buckwheat, canned dog food, and bandages and medicines.

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Jesse’s portrait was exchanged for 7kg of offals and 3kg of buckwheat.

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Handsome Basi’s portrait fetched 10kg of buckwheat and 10kg of pearl barley.

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Several other pet portraits led to the donation of more meat, bones, buckwheat, trimmings, milk, medicines, dog collars, and more. The shelter in Arzamas has their most valuable volunteer in a 9-year old kid with a big heart. Pavel dreams of becoming an architect someday and building a big shelter in the future. Until that day comes, he will continue on his mission and let his art help the furry citizens of his city.


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