Palestinian Man Scales Wall Of Hospital Every Night To Spend His Mother’s Dying Breaths As She Suffers From COVID-19


A man spends every night scaling the wall of a hospital just to spend the last dying breaths of his mother who has contracted COVID-19 in Palestine. These videos went viral and struck a chord amongst other internet users who sent him their messages of condolence.

There isn’t a more profound and pure love than that of a mother and her son, and with COVID-19 taking lives all across the world, families are reconsidering what it really is that is the most important to them as people realize that mortality is so fleeting, especially during a pandemic and this new dystopian world that has become a reality for all.

Tragedy struck for Jihad Al-Suwaiti from Beit Awwa located in the souther West Bank region of Hebron when his 73-year-old mother, Rasmi Suwaiti contracted coronavirus.

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Rasmi was already suffering from leukaemia when she contracted COVID-19, which has been rampant all across the Palestinian region throughout the poor and impoverished areas where health conditions are getting worse by the day.

Al-Suwaiti has been separated from his mother for several days while she was isolated in the hospital undergoing treatment for the deadly disease. “I felt the utmost inability to do anything to save her, then she died and left me,” he said.

Much like others, Al-Suwaiti didn’t think that coronavirus was such a serious disease until his mother got infected and passed away because of it. Like other Palestinians and people all over the world, this pandemic has been largely shrugged off as ‘just a flu,’ until the pandemic hits on of their family members or close friends.

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Al-Suwaiti advices that for any Palestinians out there who deny the existence of the pandemic or don’t take it seriously should visit the COVID-19 department in the Hebon Hospital just to realize the huge amount of patients who are suffering, if only to understand the gravity of this deadly threat to their own parents or grandparents.

This sad and tragic tale has sparked sympathy and emotional unity for Al-Suwaiti’s devotion to his mother, as well as the loss he just experienced. It’s a blatant warning that this pandemic is lethal, dangerous and deadly; of which remains far from being under control.

Keep your family and friends safe. Wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing. Not only for yourself, but for the rest of the world.


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