Lost Dog Head to His Vet To Get Help Going Back Home

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Dogs have proven to be some of the smartest animals on the planet, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t get into trouble. In fact, sometimes it’s the smarter dogs that tend to find themselves in sticky situations because their curiosity gets the better of them. This story is the perfect example of one such pup that happened to get lost, but amazingly, knew exactly where to go to get some help.

Khiew Ngern is a four-month old mixed bull terrier puppy that lives with his owner in Bangkok, Thailand. Apparently, his owner has a number of dogs that she allows to roam free throughout the day while she’s at work in the Bai Mai Kitchen restaurant. And while the dogs normally don’t stray too far, 4-month old Khiew managed to wander so way off that he had lost his way back to his mommy.

Bored Panda

Little Khiew had been wandering around for more than 6 hours with no idea anymore where he began his journey. But what he did manage to figure out was another familiar location that was nearby, his veterinary clinic. Since he was just a puppy, he had spent quite a lot of time at the clinic getting his scheduled vaccine shots, which are quite a lot in the beginning of a puppy’s life.

Although most puppies tend to not like the vet, Khiew realized that this was one place where they would know who he was and how to get him back to his owner. He used his scent of smell to bring him to the Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic, and when he finally arrived, he did what he could to get the attention of the people inside of the clinic.

Looking over the security footage, it showed that the mixed bull terrier began scratching and barking at the glass door and windows of the clinic when he arrived at the site. It also showed the dog sniffing around the area, then sitting down while waiting for someone inside to notice his presence.

As seen in the footage, eventually someone inside the clinic took notice and finally let him inside. Although he was a bit hesitant to go in at first, it was obvious that he felt comfortable enough and made his way inside the premises. When the doctor’s assistant saw him, he recognized Khiew and quickly contacted the puppy’s owner. It didn’t take long for the owner to make her way to the veterinary clinic to be reunited with her young pup.

Bored Panda

The clinic decided to post the happy story on their Facebook page, sharing the photos and video of the little dog asking for help, as well as his reunion with his owner. And like many other adorable stories, it quickly took off and went viral. So far, the Facebook post has received at least 16K reactions, at least 580K views, and a staggering 951 comments since it was first posted last July 7.

Here are some of the reactions from a few netizens that saw the post, sharing many of their own stories of pets gone missing.


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