Kids’ Toy Turned Into Major Climate Change Tool, Taking In CO2 As You Bounce Around

Screenshot from BBC video

Did you think that jumping around in a bouncy castle was just for fun and nothing else? Then you might be pleased to hear that it’s actually another way to combat climate change!

While most countries around the world are making pledges to help the planet fight climate change, one particular reveal at the last COP26 has proven that it doesn’t always have to be a battle, but in fact, something enjoyable.

While most Americans refer to inflatable bouncy castles as a moon bounce, what most consider to be a kid’s toy was turned into a way to clean the air of CO2 while also providing tons of hours of entertainment at the same time.

Inside the inflatable tubes of the moon bounce structure, there are microscopic algae that actually feed on the carbon and other available minerals within the air. The algae eventually create a biomass, which turns into a plastic-like material that can be used for manufacturing, or even fuel for particular types of electricity production.

As the pump continues to inflate the bouncy castle, it also sucks the CO2 in the air, and with the continuous bouncing movements that the kids make, the CO2 is channeled into the algae chambers of the moon bounce.

To see if it would work, it was first tested in Poland. Then it was put on early display at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference that’s going on in Glasgow, Scotland.

The moon bounce was featured on BBC, and from what it has managed to do already is give climate change a run for its money, considering the endless energy levels of children that will ultimately make this new technology a front liner in helping deal with global warming.

In fact, one kid even shared, “It could change the way we play, everything.”

Take a look at the video below to see just how much fun, and effective, it truly can be.


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