Award-Winning Architect Invents Collapsible Tent For Refugees That Can Collect Water And Store Energy At The Same Time


Syria has been suffering through a civil war since 2011, and is currently going through one of the worst humanitarian crises the world has ever seen. According to the United Nations, almost 14 million Syrians and residents have either been internally displaced or became international refugees.

When Jordanian-Canadian architect Abeer Seikaly realized the long-lasting effects of civil wars and displacement, she came up with a unique idea. Refugees travel from one place to another to seek shelter. With such vast numbers of refugees migrating to other countries, the communities that take them in face problems in providing all of them with proper shelter. So Seikaly took this problem and designed something to help these people.

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This award-winning architect innovated an idea of ‘Weaving a Home’. Her unique solution comes with multiple benefits with providing shelter as the main one. The idea was a tent that is constructed with a high-strength plastic tubing folded into sine-wave shaped curves. This tent has the option of enclosing or expanding, depending on the weather conditions of refuge. Because of the double-layer located in the tent’s exterior, it keeps the cold and harsh winds out, but also allows cool air to enter in the summer months. It can be easily installed and broken down for mobility.

Aside from all these convenient benefits, the architect also designed this tent to collect rain water from the topmost portion to be filtered down to the sidewalls and eventually reach storage pockets. If that isn’t enough to prove an amazing innovation, this refugee tent can also absorb solar heat and transform it into electric energy. The converted energy is then stored in batteries for future use.

Though the design was first proposed in 2013 and won the Lexus Design Award in the same year, the project is still in its developmental stage.

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Seikaly is very positive that her tent design will be available to refugees very soon. Since the tent does so many things, the materialization for each and every one of them is quite rather complicated. While the design and idea behind it is amazing, the execution will take longer than expected.

Once ready for the market, this collapsible tent that can collect rainwater and store solar energy will be incredibly helpful to the thousands of displaced Syrians all over the world.


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