Zip-sliding Into Your Own Tiny Tree House In Austin!

This nest of tree pods and houses comes complete with clean energy, zip lines and a butterfly farm...


We recently reported on how urban tree houses like this awesome design from Italy could revolutionize city?architecture. For anyone who wants to experience life in a real tree house (and try some zip-sliding at the same time)?there’s?Cypress Valley?outside Austin, Texas.

In another great video from YouTube channel Tiny House Giant Journey, presenter Jenna meets the founder and designer of Aris Tree, a company that has been creating ecological tree house designs since 2012. Cypress Valley, a nest of moss-covered tree houses and circular pods is Will Beilharz’s fourth project, and the beautiful interiors of these?tiny homes?really demonstrate how much you can do with reclaimed natural materials from the local area.

Cypress Valley covers 88 hectares of limestone rocks and?Cypress trees. Although the land looks barren during winter filming, in spring and summer vines will begin to grow up and over the metal structure above the trees. Bridges connecting the individual homes (which are rented out as holiday lets) were intended to give a “Swiss family Robinson feel”, Beilharz says.

But it’s Beilharz’s big passion that might make this nest even more popular with weekenders who want to experience treetop living. He’s into zip-sliding, and Cypress Valley is fitted with platforms and wires on different levels to give this place even more appeal for the adrenaline junkies.

The nest?uses solar, water and wind energy, and Beilharz is even growing butterflies in a hatchery. “We just want to leave things as close to nature as intended. Nature has a lot of chaotic beauty,” he says. This is apparent in the designs of the tree houses, which use reclaimed?cider casks and pallets in a stylish and original way. The circular pods with living garden roofs?get?extra insulation from the soil and in the communal bathroom, the simple idea of using varnished tree trunks?as a feature makes a great statement.

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