ZEITGEIST: RELOADED (Open film project)

“Zeitgeist Reloaded” was started by the German Chapters of the Zeitgeist Movement and is exclusivly based on media research on the internet. “Zeitgeist Reloaded” is understood as a compedium of science, technology and global activism. It is the intension of the movement to inform the global population about our positive possiblities for a sustainable future for all humans on earth. All important information gathered by internet research and by voluntary activism will be implimented in this movie.

Zeitgeist Reloaded will be continously expanded and is an open film project. It is a message to humanity and represents the hope for a better future for all of us. Everyone can give us suggestions what important information should be included in this media compedium. Please provide links directly over this youtube channel. Zeitgeist Reloaded is a movie that will combine the thoughts and feelings of the internet and the earth’s people.

This movie is an open film project towards the public. We encourage your participation in clearifying the authenticity of the media and to suggest new media concerning, technology, science, politics, societal concious art and global activism. It’s you, the viewer who has direct influence on the media of this movie. Zeitgeist Reloaded might change and is very dynamic in it’s content. If the first parts of the movie get positiv public approval, we will combine them in a full movie while developing new parts.

Zeitgeist Reloaded is a reflection of the Internet itself with the ambition to bring positiv information and change to the public for a peaceful, positive and bright future for all humans.