Young Piano Prodigy Wows In Concert, Proves Autism Is Not A Roadblock [Watch]

The eight-year-old musician may have autism, but he has already released an album and performs in public.

Eight-year-old Jacob Velazquez may have autism, but the condition is not deterring him from becoming a famous pianist. In fact, the young prodigy has already started playing concerts after picking up the craft at just four years old.

His mother, Tina, wrote on the Autism Speaks website:

“Shortly after his fourth birthday I heard the song playing from our family piano that my husband was playing the night before…but my husband was at work. I went to look to see who it was and to my surprise it was Jacob–I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

Reportedly, it took a while for Jacob’s mom to find him an instructor.

“It took us a while but we finally found a piano teacher that would take a 4-year-old. His teacher soon became aware of his gift as he was flying through books learning 2-3 songs per week,” Mrs. Velazquez added.

Credit: Jacob Velazquez on Youtube

Credit: Jacob Velazquez on Youtube

The young musician has already released an album and is a member of the National Musician’s Guild.

“My son who could never sit still could focus so intently on learning his songs on the piano,” says Tina. “It seemed to be an outlet for him, helping him to express his feelings and emotions.”

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