Young Family Transforms Old School Bus Into Beautiful Cottage On Wheels [Watch]

This young family remodeled an old school bus by hand into a beautiful cottage home for themselves.

This couple (and their 2-year-old daughter) perfectly integrated tiny houses and living the nomadic life on the road by remodeling this old school bus into a dream home. The couple, Mira and Jeremy, bought the school bus in 2011 and just debuted it last October, according to Tiny House For Us.

Mira told SF Globe that after 8 years of marriage and living a normal, Western life, they decided to live nomadically for a few years and travel at their leisure. They loved it so much that they didn’t want to go back, but they also wanted a home base to be close to family. Now that they have their gorgeous home base, they are able to still travel in their other school bus, which they also remodeled, to look for their dream property.

Jeremy, with decades of experience in carpentry and auto body work, built all of the furniture and walls/ceilings/floors himself, while Mira interior designed and inputted her design ideas into every step of the building process. The two say that living in a home built entirely by them is “simply inexplicable.”

Watch the videos above to see the beautiful handiwork and design and comment your thoughts below!

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