Young Activist Uses Allowance To Purchase Books For Prison Inmates

A young man used his allowance money to purchase books for a local jail to help inmates start a new chapter in their lives.

Credit: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

There are a number of inspiring young activists who are using their talents to better the world. From a 9-year-old girl who builds tiny houses for the homeless to a young man who hands out sandwiches to the homeless on the weekends, they are the hope for our planet?s future.

Another kind activist who has brightened the lives of several people is a nine-year-old boy named Tyler Fugett, who lives in Tennessee, USA, with his family.

Recently, Tyler told his mom he?d like to save his allowance to help local jail inmates build better lives. Knowing the power of education, it is his aim to help improve the Montgomery County Jail?s library so that inmates have top-notch content to enrich their lives and keep their minds off of their immediate surroundings.

The young activist reasoned that if inmates were busy reading, they wouldn?t have time to think about doing bad things.

When he received his allowance, Tyler purchased approximately 100 books which were on sale at a local bookstore and showed up at the sheriff?s office without warning. It is an understatement to state that the officers were surprised.

Nonetheless, they gratefully welcomed the young man?s generous donation, reports Inside Edition.

Inspired to build a better world, Tyler continues to seek out ways to give back. At present, he is busy collecting more books and is also gathering hygiene items to help the inmates start a new chapter in their lives.

Wouldn?t the world be a better place if more people lived and contributed like Tyler Fugett? Please share this positive news and comment your thoughts below!

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