You?ll Never Guess Why This Selfless Kid Chose To Return His Christmas Presents?

11-year-old Joseph noticed a family that could use some good fortune, so traded in his Christmas presents to help them fund a funeral.

When it comes to Christmas, most kids are focused on what gifts wait for them underneath the tree, rather than how they can help someone else on the special day. Most kids, that is, excluding 11-year-old Joseph Martin.

When Martin learned that his grandmother’s best friend passed away from a heart attack and that her family was having issues paying for the funeral, he decided to do something amazing.?

He gathered his Christmas presents and returned them to the store, earning $95. He then donated the money to the funeral?s Go Fund Me page, inspiring his grandmother, Kim, to do the same.

News of his commendable act has gone viral, allowing the Go Fund Me page to meet its goal of $4,000!

You never know how far an act of kindness might ripple outward, and this news is proof of that!

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