You Can Build An Awesome Cob Home Like This For Under $250!

Possibly the lowest-cost and coolest tiny home we've ever come across!

This clip from Channel 4 (Britain) takes us on a short tour of a pretty little cob house somewhere in the English countryside. Cosy but spacious, simple yet full of character, this tiny home is awesome- especially when you consider it only cost £150 ($230 USD) to build!

Cob is made from straw, sand and clay (this last ingredient can be handmade from water and earth if you are on a tight budget). You mix these ingredients together, making ‘test bricks’ which should stick together well and be hard when dry, but not brittle. Trial and error with different ratios is usually needed when starting your project, but eventually you’ll create a test brick that is perfect, and can then begin mixing in larger quantities. Bricks of damp cob are then piled on top of each other and shaped to make the walls. The cob is stuck to a wooden frame, which supports the thatched roof.

The word ‘cob’ comes from an Old English word meaning ‘lump’. Cob houses are very efficient and work well all year round. In summer the thick walls keep out the heat and in winter they retain it. Cob walls breathe, and naturally regulate the humidity in a room. If made well and maintained over time, a cob building can last a couple of hundred years or longer. They are comfortable, cheap and fun to make, and even kids can get involved!

Anyone who is interested in learning more about building with cob should start by reading one of these two great books- The Hand Sculpted House or The Cob Builder’s Handbook

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