Would Your Granny Act Like This On Weed?

They giggle, forget what they´re talking about and can´t stop eating...and they love it

This video of three grannies getting stoned in Washington was uploaded to Youtube yesterday and has already had over 12 million hits. It´s funny, interesting, and almost as adorable as a video about fluffy kittens.

Three elders who have never smoked marijuana before sit at a table, smoking a bong and later a vaporizer in a state where recreational marijuana use has been legalized. They play jenga (badly) and try to remember the thread of the conversation as time passes, alternately giggling and eating.

“I´d do it again,” one says, while the second can´t seem to speak much anymore and the third summarizes “I don´t feel as high as they look”.

Who says older people aren´t open minded?

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