Would You Walk By a Hungry, Desperate Child Without a Second Glance?

Shocking: The Homeless Child Experiment

This social experiment from FouseyTube asks whether people in the street would give money to a child with a sign asking for money to buy food for her sister.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly (depending on your expectations) the child is pretty much ignored, and after three minutes you´ll be feeling deflated and may have lost your faith in humanity. But despite the fact the experiment had a disappointing result, there are two very positive reasons to watch and share this video.

Firstly, the short speech Fousey makes at the end will inspire you to behave more compassionately next time you pass a homeless person: “$1 in your pocket might feel like $100 in someone elses”, he rightly points out. Secondly, because the video features a second story- a surprise random act of kindness involving a dog being rescued from a pound. “Angels do exist,” said the sobbing man reunited with his pet.

And those angels? People like Fousey- and us, if we choose to make a difference!

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