World Subway Map Shows What The Future Of Global Transport Might Look Like

With trains that travel up to 750 mph, a passenger could depart from San Francisco and arrive in Los Angeles just 35 minutes later.

Credit: Hyperloop One

Have you ever woken up one morning and wished you could explore the ruins of Angkor Wat for the day or meet a friend for brunch in Paris? In the future, such notions might not seem so crazy?

Many people have envisioned international travel that takes place within just a few hours, but Mark Ovenden is one of the few individuals who has actually conceptualized a plan for this to take place. Inverse reports that in 2003, Ovenden designed the World Metro Map, which offers a vision of what global transport might look like in the future. The train system would connect major cities around the globe via a vacuum-sealed, high-speed hyperloop system. Proposed speeds of up to 750 mph would allow a passenger to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in around 35 minutes.?

Credit: Hyperloop One

And last week, the proposed vision came one step closer to being made a reality. The company behind the envisioned venture, Hyperloop One, selected 35 teams as finalists in its global challenge. Those who were chosen will now present regional proposals at three different showcases beginning in February.?Commented Josh Giegel, Hyperloop One?s president of engineering:

?It?s more than just a train?or a pod in a tube. We?re taking it to a level of connectivity and really being the high-speed backbone of the future transportation network.?

Credit: Hyperloop One

It truly is only a matter of time before regional systems pave the way for future projects, inevitably leading to an interconnected network which would transform the standard of travel and cargo transport.?What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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