Women Freebleed For A Day To Prove That Feminine Products Are Not ?Luxury Items?

These brave women went a day without period products to prove that feminine sanitary products are anything but luxury items, they're essential.


Prepare yourself, for this is somewhat of an uncomfortable topic for most people to discuss. However, it deserves the utmost attention because at present, a ?tampon tax? is still in effect in most states. In case you didn?t know, many states charge a 4 percent sales tax on feminine sanitary products because they are deemed to be ?luxury items.?

Any woman who menstruates – or who has in the past – will inform you that dealing with bloody, monthly discharge is anything but a luxury event. Not only is dealing with the effects of Aunt Flo’s monthly visit sometimes embarrassing, it can adversely affect those who are not prepared to deal with the discharge.?In sub-Sahara Africa, for example, approximately 1 in 10 girls miss school during their menstrual cycle, according to a report by UNESCO.?

Let?s not forget that women are often shamed for bleeding in public, as well. Remember when 26-year-old Kiran Gandhi – a Harvard graduate and musician – ran her first marathon and ?freebled?? Yeah, most of the public called her ?disgusting?. Those who shamed her for bleeding during her menstrual cycle (something no woman can prevent) proved her point, however. She informed People that the negative reaction ?proves we are still deeply uncomfortable with a very normal and natural process.?

In an email to US Magazine, she wrote:

?You see, culture is happy to speak about and objectify the parts of the body that can be sexually consumed by others, but the moment we talk about something that is not for the enjoyment of others, like a period, everyone becomes deeply uncomfortable.?

?Women?s bodies don?t exist for public consumption,? Gandhi added.

Her activism helped raise awareness about the many girls and women who don?t have access to sanitary products. And, the message she broadcast parallels with what women who work at BuzzFeed recently shared with the world.

In a new video entitled ?Women Go Without Period Products For A Day,? three employees documented what it?s like to go a day without period products – including tampons, pads, and ibuprofen to deal with cramps. As you might expect, it was a big ol? mess. However, the experience wasn?t for nothing. The women showed that feminine sanitary products?are anything but luxury items, they’re essential.

The video also relayed that many shelters and food pantries which offer household items commonly run low on feminine products, as people find them expensive or unnecessary. It’s time to change the stigma surrounding women?s ?time of the month? and support legislation that voids the 4% tampon tax (which still exists in 40 states).

Watch the video below:

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