Women Defy Gender Stereotypes By Completing This One Exciting Project

This program shows that women can do anything they set their mind to.

Credit: Women Who Build-Artists Who Own

Each year, the female volunteers working with Women Who Build-Artists Who Own gather to develop a special construction project to learn about, develop, and complete and the program is being heralded as a great way to break gender stereotypes. Since construction jobs are primarily seen as a “man’s work,” this DIY program that is grassroots and women-led is serving as a way to defy the norms surrounding construction work.

“The goal of this program is to empower women to build their construction skills, grow their networks, and increase their confidence,” the website reads.

Credit: Women Who Build-Artists Who Own

Not only are the participants outside of the norm for constructing a tiny house, but the methods used to develop the home are out of the ordinary as well. In true DIY-fashion, over 50 female volunteers will attend sessions with women who have the general know-how to instruct the attendees on what to do, and those attendees are also required to do their own research by reading manuals and watching YouTube videos describing different processes.

This particular project started in October 2016 and will run until October of this year. The women will commence the build from May to July and then display the completed tiny house from August to October during a tour around New York City, where the program is based.

What’s great about this program is that it empowers women to not only hone their construction skills but to be the leaders of their own success. Since the group is composed of volunteers, the website explains that, “they grow their skills primarily in construction, but secondarily in marketing, fundraising, design, research, sourcing, and financial management.”

Credit: Women Who Build-Artists Who Own

The project that the women are facing was brought forth by local artist, Yvonne Shortt, who decided that she wanted to develop her construction skills and learn a new trade.

“If I teach myself, I learn – but if I work with other like-minded women, we all do,” said Yvonne.

Follow the group’s Facebook page for updates on the build.

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