Woman Was Sexually Harassed On A Bus, But What Happened After Was Even Worse

This woman lays out what she 'expects' as a pretty, young woman.

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As a woman, it can be extremely harrowing to do any number of regular daily activities simply because there is a risk that one could be harassed or assaulted. While some men may worry about the women in their lives, many will never truly understand the fear many women experience even while in public.

With modern women becoming more vocal about their experiences as a way of showing men that their offensive actions will not be tolerated, it’s not uncommon to hear about individual women taking to social media to share what has happened to them. Additionally, more women are reporting these crimes to local police and finding support from the online community as a way to encourage them to get the help they need, if necessary.

One such woman who engaged with followers on social media was Nathalie Gordon, who was recently on a bus in Britain and was appalled with not only the man that harassed her but also the male bus driver’s reaction to her reporting the issue. She took to Twitter to express her outrage at the incident, and to raise awareness about what it is that both men and women deserve as human beings in this world. Read through her story below.

The fact that any man would rip something out of someone’s hand and tell them not to be rude is not only hypocritical but indicative of more violent behavior. Imagine what would have happened if he had ripped headphones out of another man’s hands?

The lack of care or respect shown by the bus driver shows that he is not equipped to handle such situations and should either undergo training or be removed from his job.


What Nathalie didn’t expect is for her story to go viral or to be at the center of such an outpouring of support—with a bit of negativity mixed in—following her explosion of tweets. Nathalie informed her followers that she wound up filing a report with the British Transit Police and that they appeared to be taking her case very seriously. When speaking with Bustle about any advice she has for others witnessing similar situations unfold, she said,

“Don’t ignore it. Find help. Be the help. Make a noise. Shout. Scream. Go sit with the vulnerable person. Embarrass the perpetrator. Call the police.”

Gordon clarified that this may not always be possible because each situation varies, but she reminded others that sometimes just acknowledgement by a bystander that there is something inappropriate occurring could shift the dynamic greatly.

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