Woman Takes To Facebook To Save One Husky—Ends Up Saving 13 Animals

What started out as a desperate call to rescue one dog wound up saving a dozen lives.

Credit: Cassandra Clark

Credit: Cassandra Clark

Many people have been put in a position where they aren’t sure whether they should speak up about something they think is wrong, whether it be the treatment of a child, an animal, or a significant other. Though most would shake the feeling that tells them they should act, there are a few that will actually try to do something about the situation before them.

Cassandra Clark is one of those people, and her efforts proved to be worth the risk when she reported a husky in dire need of help this summer. Clark had seen the husky before because he was usually out on the balcony. She told The Dodo,

“I’ve seen that husky on the deck a lot. It started out in a normal large crate so I didn’t think anything of it.”

Credit: Cassandra Clark

Credit: Cassandra Clark

Living in Dallas, the weather often gets very hot in the summer, something that Clark took notice of as she increasingly saw the husky outside near her house. What started out as a crated dog turned into something worse, as Clark soon saw that the poor animal was left in the crate alone with a metal muzzle around his mouth. Not long after, she also observed the husky with no water in the 100-degree heat.

As though this were not enough, she  suddenly saw him in a tiny crate that didn’t fit him and forced him to hunch over and only lay down. He didn’t seem to be able to turn around and there was still no water left out for him.

“I was walking my puppies and I heard crying and wailing,” Clark said. “I thought, ‘Oh god. He’s there in that crate!’ It was 104 degrees on Monday.”

Thankfully, Clark knew that she couldn’t stand idly by and wait for the owners to come home and mercifully bring him in. Instead, she called animal services to come and check on the animal, but was told that it would be at least 24 hours until someone could come out and assess the situation.

Credit: Cassandra Clark

Credit: Cassandra Clark

After making several other calls to 911 and again to animal services, Clark realized that she needed to take matters into her own hands. She took photos as evidence and posted them on Facebook, with a caption explaining “animal abuse at its finest.” She even called NBC DFW and CBS DFW to alert the media in hopes that they would shine a spotlight on the issue and get the husky the help he needed.

Her efforts paid off, and her Facebook post garnered over 1,000 shares in a short period of time, as people banded together to find rescuers for the poor animal. Dallas Animal Services responded faster than they intended and found something no one expected—12 more animals inside the home. Among the malnourished animals in the home was one other husky and several kittens, all of whom were in small cages.

“I was so shocked and disgusted when the dispatch said there were 13 animals, and the huskies are so malnourished and low in weight,” Clark said.

Credit: Cassandra Clark

Credit: Cassandra Clark

Other neighbors had noticed the dogs before on the balcony, but none had ever called to report the owners and help them get rescued. They even knew that sometimes they would bring the animals in for a few days and then keep them outside again for weeks at a time, yet no one stepped in to help. If Clark hadn’t listened to her gut that something was wrong and made the necessary calls, who knows what would have happened to these poor animals.

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