Woman Stops On Side Of Road To Retrieve Cooler, Finds 9 Puppies Inside

An anonymous individual left nine German Shepherd puppies inside a cooler. Fortunately, they were rescued before the container became their coffin.


Credit: Hunt County Pets Alive

Rather than deposit a litter of nine German Shepherd puppies at a nearby animal shelter, an anonymous individual left them in a cooler along the side of the road in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  If a woman interested in owning the cooler hadn’t stopped when she did, the pups might not have been discovered and rescued.

As it was, the unnamed woman found the puppies covered in urine and in their own feces, and immediately called the Sulphur Springs animal control department. Soon after, veterinarian Karri McCreary was contacted.

McCreary, who works with Vet Ranch, told The Dodo: 

“I just drove over there and got them. They were still in the cooler.”

“Someone must have stopped and found the cooler almost as quickly as they were dropped off there or else they would not have made it. And these aren’t like Chihuahua puppies. These look like German shepherd puppies,” she added.


Credit: Hunt County Pets Alive

Fortunately, all German Shepherd puppies were given a clean bill of health. Says McCreary:

“The puppies are strong and playful and they’re healthy.”


Credit: Hunt County Pets Alive


Credit: Hunt County Pets Alive

The adorable critters will first receive medical treatment and vaccinations, and then they’ll be transported to live with families who have agreed to care for them. This was made possible thanks to the efforts of Hunt County Pets Alive.

Though it’s nearly impossible to imagine why someone would abandon a container of puppies along the highway, at least they were rescued and now have the opportunity to live out their lives.

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