Woman Spends $6K On Stray Cat After Car Accident, Then Rescues Him

She couldn't turn away from this cat in need.

Credit: Melissa Popham

Some people will stop at nothing to help an animal in need, and Melissa Popham is certainly one of those people, as is evidenced by her reaction to what happened with a stray cat she had been feeding.

Popham works at a pet shop and would previously feed a stray cat whenever he came by the store, which was fairly regularly, in an effort to care for him as best she could. When several days went by and the cat hadn’t shown up again, however, she began to get worried. On the fifth day of being missing, the cat, named Mister Pickle, arrived in horrible condition at the store.

Credit: Melissa Popham

The poor cat had a huge abscess on the top of his body and a broken jaw, seemingly from being hit by a car. Though Mister Pickle was lucky to have survived the incident, he likely would have died from his injuries if he had gone much longer without care. Thankfully, Popham decided to get Mister Pickle the care he needed and, after 2 months of surgeries and treatments and $6,000 later, he was officially a part of her family.

Credit: Melissa Popham

“Pickle is absolutely a wonderful cat, pet and friend. He is loved so much and I am so pleased to share my life with him,” Popham told Bored Panda.

Credit: Melissa Popham

Mister Pickle has adapted well in his new home and even has a cat brother, Ted, whom he adores and cuddles with constantly. Despite living on the streets for the majority of his life, Mister Pickle enjoys the life of an indoor cat and Popham said that “he’s the best indoor baby I could ask for.”

Credit: Melissa Popham

It’s truly heartwarming to hear positive animal stories like these, especially when so many similar situations don’t end as happily. Mister Pickle now has a loving home and gives hope to all of the other stray cats out there hoping that someone will take a chance on them.

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