Woman Renting A DVD Was Surprised To Find This In The Package?

The world is full of good people. If you can?t find ?em, be one!

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Though most people in the U.S. tend to use Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch a movie in the evenings, some people still use RedBox systems to rent a DVD for $1. Fortunately for a woman who did just that, she was greeted with a gift upon returning home and preparing to the movie.?

Reportedly, the elderly lady found a note and $100 upon cracking open the DVD?s case. The note read:

?Hi, my name is Marcos. Each month, I give $ 100 to a stranger. This month, I decided to enroll in a different way and put money in DVD case. You ? the first person who received the money from me in 2017. I only ask you to spend the money on something reasonable. If you wish, you could give them to someone who really needs them.?

News of the selfless deed went viral after the woman?s daughter, Liz, posted a few photos of the case and the twenty dollar bills on Twitter. She wrote,

?My mom was just hoping to relax & enjoy a movie, but instead God blessed her with more. Marcos whoever you are, God bless you.?

Though the mainstream media and many people would have you believe the world is a dark and dismal place, there still are plenty of kind-hearted people willing to conduct compassionate deeds. If you can?t find ?em, be one!

An elderly lady received a gift when she rented a $1 movie from Redbox.

Credit: @lifeaslizz_

Inside was tucked a note and $100!

Credit: @lifeaslizz_

The note was from a man named Marcus, who asked her to pay the charitable deed forward.

Credit: @lifeaslizz_

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