Will These Anonymous Angels Pay Off Your Debts This Christmas?

Random and touching acts of kindness have become a national epidemic, proving the spirit of Christmas is alive and well

If you live in the States and have a debt in Walmart, K-Mart, Toys R Us or any other popular store, you could be in for a surprise this holiday season. All over the country, so-called ‘Layaway Angels’ are raising money and using it to pay off the balances of complete strangers.

One woman in the video above tells of how she received a phone call to say her $75 K-Mart layaway account had been cleared by one of these real-life Christmas wish fairies.  “It’s something you see and hear about, but it doesn’t happen to you,” she says. “It’s worth a thousand words, a million hugs”.

Another lady, who just lost everything in a fire, says “I just got a miracle.”

The video below details how last Saturday in Massachusetts, an anonymous woman paid off every single layaway balance held in a Bellingham Toys R Us store- that’s 154 people and over $20,000 worth of toys.  One man in the video promises to pay it forward: “That’s how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it?” he says, as he donated the money he was going to spend on presents to a children’s charity. “It’s good karma.”

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