Wikileaks Cancelled Live Announcement Of Next Leaks Due To ?Security Concerns?

Julian Assange had previously promised to reveal new leaked documents tomorrow morning from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy, but safety concerns have prompted him to make the announcement via video.


Over the past few months, Wikileaks has caused considerable controversy with its releases of leaked emails of the Democratic National Committee as well as Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Many of the revelations have been incredibly damaging to the Clinton campaign, but the blow was softened as most of the mainstream media failed to cover the leaks. Clinton’s campaign in response to the leaks has been fierce, with Clinton supporters blaming Russia for the leaks despite a lack of evidence. Some have even directly threatened Wikileak’s Editor-in-Chief, Julian Assange, with assassination, including liberal commentator and Clinton supporter Bob Beckel. In August during an appearance on Fox Business, Beckel proclaimed that someone should ?illegally shoot the son of a bitch” because “a dead man can’t leak stuff.” Unfazed by these threats and others, Assange made an appearance on Fox himself at the end of last August where he declared that the ?most interesting and serious? information on Hillary Clinton is yet to be released.

That information was set to be released this upcoming Tuesday in a highly anticipated announcement from Assange himself. However,? Wikileaks abruptly canceled the announcement due to ?security concerns? and has failed to say if the announcement had been cancelled permanently or will be rescheduled. However, the cancellation was reported by MSNBC, not by Wikileaks, leaving some questioning whether the cancellation was falsified. MSNBC has claimed they received information about the cancellation directly from Wikileaks. MSNBC also said that Assange would instead appear via video link at a Berlin press conference Tuesday morning, an event originally planned to celebrate Wikileaks’ 10th anniversary. However, there is no official confirmation from Wikileaks that the Tuesday morning event will include the announcement of more leaks.

Many have speculated as to what?was meant by “security concerns.” The announcement was planned to take place at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where Assange has been living for the last four years. Assange was offered asylum in Ecuador four years ago, following concerns that he would be extradited to the US to face charges for espionage after Wikileaks, along with Chelsea Manning, exposed US war crimes in Iraq. However, this is not the first time that Wikileaks and its supporters have worried about the embassy’s security. For example, soon after the last round of Clinton-related leaks were released, a ?male intruder? scaled the side wall and window of the Ecuadorian embassy at 2:47 AM and ?fled? after being caught by security. Many speculated that the man was actually an assassin targeting Assange. Assange and his supporters have claimed for years that his personal safety is at risk due to its history of revealing documents that reveal crimes of politicians as well as national governments. In fact, Assange has not been able to leave the embassy in over four years due to constant threats of arrest by the UK government and threats to his personal safety, as well as the safety of his collaborators.

Many people, especially those who oppose Clinton, have hoped that the promised, upcoming leaks would doom Clinton’s campaign in an ?October surprise.? Assange hinted that the next leaks would be enough to indict the presidential hopeful. Wikileaks’ previous leaks this year were responsible for exposing the DNC’s and Obama’s pay-to-play scheme and for revealing the rigged primary run by the Democratic National Convention. The primary, according to the leaks, led to a fraudulent Clinton win, as well as for showing that Bernie had been offered a private jet, among other things, for ending his campaign to endorse Clinton.

Many?of his supporters felt betrayed by the DNC following the leaks and Clinton has focused much attention on?currying favor with Sanders supporters in an attempt to bring them into her fold. However, recent leaks not associated with Wikileaks recently revealed what Clinton really thinks about Sanders supporters as she teasing them for ?living in their parent’s basements? in a leaked audio clip. Any future leaks that could further tarnish Clinton’s image could indeed cause irreparable harm to her campaign. Clinton is well aware of the threat Wikileaks presents as she once considered killing Assange in a drone strike while serving as Secretary of State. If Assange and Wikileaks indeed have such incriminating evidence against Clinton, hopefully, they will be able to rise above the threats and release what?her campaign has been desperately trying to hide.

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