Why Free Thinkers Are Not True Activists

By: Nick Dunin,


You’re a Free Thinker, right?

You don’t let anyone tell you what to think. You don’t just follow the herd, and accept what the government or media tell you.

You form your own opinion, based on the evidence (some of which the powers-that-be don’t want you to see). You make an effort to get at the truth, however uncomfortable it may be.

So you’re an Activist, right?

Not necessarily.

Maybe you spend countless hours each year researching the issues where you want to make a difference in the world – reading books, magazines and blogs; watching countless hours of YouTube videos.

Maybe you have very heated debates with friends and family where you demolish their arguments, piece by piece, until it’s obvious you know more than them. Each time you feel you win the debate.

But what difference has any of this made to the world? Did you change anyone’s mind, other than your own? Did you actually DO anything that made a positive difference to the cause you believe in?

I’m thinking of a friend of mine, I said to him the other day:

“You’re the smartest dude I ever met in my life, with the strongest hold on why the planet is in trouble and how we can solve it, but when I look at you you do fucking nothing!”

Now let me say, I’m not accusing you of anything I haven’t done myself. I spent years gathering a balanced thesis on how the world is in trouble and what needed to be done about it. However I did nothing with the knowledge.

The admirable thing about Free Thinkers is that they spend a great deal of time researching all angles of an issue. They factor in all sides of the story (alternative and mainstream).  This gives them a great foundation to make a positive impact around this issue.

However that is where it ends for them. For all their research, they are not True Activists: Activism requires activity, but they simply do not take action.

Free Thinking is an important first step towards Activism, but it’s just that – a first step. The next step is to move from Free Thinking to Free Doing.

Free Doers build on the positive foundation of research and theories by putting themselves out there to make a difference in the world, regardless of the potential negative consequences it may have for them. This makes Free Doers the True Activists.

My journey from Free Thinker to Free Doer

I spent six years researching, reading, and watching many documentaries, about how we are enslaved in this modern world and how we are detached from our true selves/intuition. I spent hours in front of my computer with glazed eyes staring at my laptop screen, watching endless YouTube videos till early morning with empty coffee mugs and pizza boxes all around me.

I could easily present an argument to friends about the issue and win, however it made me more dissatisfied, because I knew deep down I was not helping counteract this issue. I would give myself these excuses that I needed to spend time on my business. I gave into the security of a paycheck over living a life with purpose and it was eating me away inside.

Then one day, I realised I had to DO something about the empty feeling I had, regardless of how successful my business was. So I began the journey to create a float tank center. A float tank is a device where people float in 500kg of epsom salt solution, in darkness and silence, to relax, switch off and become aware of their inner reality.  It’s like training wheels for meditation, helping people get in touch with their intuition and their true selves.

From there I moved onto mentoring many young men to become positive activists with the issues that they wanted to make a difference to peoples lives.

Now, I’m writing and sharing ideas at FreeDoer.com, to provoke and educate people and inspire them to wake up and become Free Doers themselves.

In other words, I made the step from being a Free Thinkerwanting to help people access their intuition and avoid being enslaved by the system – to becoming a Free Doer – who actually helps people access their intuition, by providing them with flotation tanks and mentoring.

Now, I really enjoy waking up in the mornings and going to the center, knowing I am helping people wake up to their true selves, making them realise how they are enslaved by the system and helping them make a major positive change in their lives.

The five types of people in this world

Lets  look at the different types of people there are in the world, from the ones who are simply cogs in the machine to the Activists who make positive changes in the world.



These people live life with the blinkers on, are constantly led by the .001% who control the earth and all the Sheeple within it. They easily give up their rights as human beings by accepting traditional behaviour without question, such as habitual consumerism in a never-ending pursuit to keep up with the ‘Joneses’. They do no research and do not question anything that society, the government and media ask of them. They give up their rights as human beings.

Black Sheeple

black sheeple

These folk are the complete opposite of Sheeple: they reject authority, avoid following the ‘status quo’ and completely deny anything that the mainstream media tells them. However they do still follow one authority: the alternative political and media system.

Unlike Sheeple, Black Sheeple want to make the world a better place. But because they believe anything the alternative media tells them, they did not have a balanced view or foundation to make real change within this world.

Ironically they are just like the Sheeple they tried so hard not to be – following a system without question.

Free Thinkers

 free thinkers

As mentioned previously, Free Thinkers have a very  balanced view of the specific world issue where they want to make a positive impact. They combine following their intuition with an unflinching search for hard facts in order to get at the truth and come to their own conclusion.

However that’s where it ends; they take no true action to make a positive difference in the lives of people whom they feel drawn to help. Becoming a Free Thinker is an important and necessary first step towards becoming an Activist – but it’s only the first step.

Dark Doers

dark doers

These people make up the .001% who control the above three types of people:

  • They control the Sheeple by making sure they do not wake up out of their hamster wheel
  • They control the Black Sheeple by fueling more conspiracy propaganda to keep them in a constant state of fear and anxiety, distracting attention from True Activist causes.
  • They control Free Thinkers by pushing subliminal messages of fear – that if they acted on their knowledge their life as they know it would be in ruins.

Dark Doers only care about maintaining their control over humanity. You can usually find them behind the scenes in high roles of government, owning the biggest corporations in the world, and in the highest positions of supreme authority in monarchies and religious institutions.

They are bitter people who fear for human progress. They only live in the left hemisphere of their brains and never explore the right hemisphere. They only live through their heads and not through their hearts. They have never truly loved anyone and find it very difficult to do anything but control.

Free Doers

free doers

Free Doers are people who live their lives through love and actually help humanity through their daily actions. They do not give in to greed, hatred or intolerance, and they do believe that any other person is different to themselves. Their purpose-driven existence makes people happier, they believe that kindness and gentleness are greater virtues than cleverness. They believe all people are equal, and want to make a better place through their actions regardless of any negative consequences to themselves.

Free Doers will die for their cause. Free Doers are True Activists.

Free Thinker or Free Doer? It’s your choice

Do you want to live life as a balance Free Thinker, where on your deathbed there is only a feeling of regret that you did not take enough risks to make the world a better place?  Knowing it was a wasted life where you could have been a True Activist?

You may find yourself thinking that ‘Yesterday’ was the best time to start – but today isn’t looking bad at all. If, however, you find that the best day for you usually takes the form of ‘Tomorrow,’ be warned. Tomorrow has a sneaky way of never coming. If you live in yesterday or tomorrow as the perfect time to be a True Activist, you may find yourself living in that pit of regret on your deathbed.

How to become a Free Doer NOW

Here are some simple questions and tasks to get yourself moving TODAY to make some action to becoming a Free Doer and True Activist:

  • What action can you take today that will make a difference to your cause?
  • What fears are holding you back from making a difference right now? Write down this list of fears.
  • What can you do today to overcome one of these fears by taking action?
  • Who could do with your help? How can you reach out to them? A phone call? Email? A welcome surprise visit?
  • What activist group, non profit or social enterprise can you lend a hand to? Being part of someone else’s cause may help you take the next step.
  • What is something you have been afraid to post up on your social media accounts or non-activist blog because of fear of judgement from your peers? Are your peers the kind of people you want to be around in the future?
  • What commitment can you make to someone you know very well, that will make you feel compelled to take action on this cause?

Now take that first step – put yourself out there and go out and make that positive change.

Over to you

What more can we do as Free Thinkers to make the jump to become True Activists?

What’s holding us back?

Nick Dunin is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, activist and writer. For more action-oriented advice about becoming a Free Doer, visit FreeDoer.com.

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