Why Bugs Are an Ancient Food Source for a Healthy Diet

By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

Chances are you don’t throw cricket protein powder into your morning smoothie or gather other crawling insects for an evening dinner. However, consuming bugs is a practice that has sustained humans for thousands of years, and science continues to share more information on why the implementation of creepy crawlies into a healthy diet may be beneficial.

The incorporation of bugs into a balanced diet is nothing new for many cultures of the world, but it’s a practice that makes most Westerners squeamish. Yet it’s the perception of bugs being ‘disgusting’ that makes them untouchable as food objects, although animals are eaten with little to no second thought.

If one is going to consume another life form for nourishment, science raises the question, “why not consider bugs as that source?”.

Research has shown that some bugs contain similar amounts of iron and protein as red meat; plus, they offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are found both in animal meats and vegetables.

Entomophogy is no new practice, and the video created by Visually creatively examines this.

Take 5 minutes to better understand the history of why and when humans began to eat bugs, as well as gather new perspective on the ancient – although questionable – practice.



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