When His Mother Abandoned Him, This Baby Goat Found A Human Daddy Instead

Possibly the cutest animal you've seen all year

Benjamin is an adorable pygmy goat who was rejected by his mother after his birth in a nursery (garden centre) in England. Being a twin, his mother simply couldn’t cope with two babies and rejected Benjamin from the start. Luckily, he found a new parent in Tom Horsfield, a nursery employee who took Benji home and cared for him around the clock.

Tom says Benji, who is now six weeks old, needs feeding 5 or 6 times a day from 4am onwards. This pygmy goat is so cute he doesn’t seem to mind the lack of sleep, and Benji follows Tom wherever he goes. The kid has proved to be a hit at the nursery  (Pot House Hamlet in Barnsley, Yorkshire), with visitors flocking to see the goat. Benji will be hand-reared until he is old enough to graze alone in the surrounding countryside.

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