What Would Happen If You Ask Strangers to Share Their Food With You?

Would YOU share your food with a stranger?

This social experiment by OckTV asks what would happen if you ask strangers to share their food with you. The reactions are what you´d expect: nobody is happy about being approached by Brooklyn brothers E.T. and Moe Etayyim.

‘I worked for this, dawg,’ the first man says, after one of the brothers approaches him and asks for a slice.

‘Nah, nah, get the f*** out of here,’ is another man’s response.

After three failed attempts to get normal working folk to share a slice of their pizza, the guys buy their own- and give it to a homeless guy who really needs it. Would he share his meal? Watch and see. His moving reaction at the end of the video will inspire you to do something kind today!

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