What This Musician Has To Say About Education Is Well Worth Listening To

What's more important, Shakespeare and algebra or skills to help us deal with day-to-day living?

UK musician Boy In A Band has released a catchy YouTube rap called Don’t Stay In School, calling for an overhaul of the subjects we study in education systems around the world. Instead of learning abstract theories and concepts that we will never use again, we should be taught how to get a job, fill in a tax return and recognize mental illness, the artist argues passionately.

Despite the song’s name, Boy In A Band pointed out he’s not trying to encourage anyone to drop out. He wrote on his YouTube channel: “I just want to clarify – “Don’t Stay in School” isn’t inferring students shouldn’t stay in school, it’s saying topics which aren’t practically useful shouldn’t stay in school. There are obviously a lot of benefits to getting an education, I’m just concerned that the topics are not prioritized well at all.”

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