What If Women Catcalled & Guys Were Harassed?

Short film asks what would happen if men were women

Last week a video of a woman walking around NYC for ten hours went viral around the internet. Actor Shoshana Roberts wandered around the city in silence, wearing a modest T shirt and jeans and a hidden camera. The idea was to expose just how many catcalls and unwanted comments normal women have to deal with on a daily basis, and in Shoshana´s case it was 100 of them in ten hours.

But as with any video or project aiming to highlight gender inequality or everyday sexism, it received a lot of criticism as well as praise (Roberts was even sent rape threats after the video went viral). Maybe the message hasn´t been hammered home for a small minority- but this short French film might change a few attitudes.

Oppressed Minority by Elenore Purriat turns gender on its head, detailing a fictional day in the life of a man who lives in a world where women are the superior sex. In the course of one day, he is subject to the same kind of behavior as Shoshana Roberts in the New York experiment- and much worse. This is a powerful artistic film with a thought-provoking message, share if you agree!

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