What Can We Do About the New Wave of Online Bullies?

Tired teenage girlBullying has existed for generations, but technology has taken bullying to new heights. Cyberbullying has developed into a problem that is now facing legal ramification. As laws are suggested and drafted, it is not surprising that the changes are bringing out concerns, doubts and hope among the population.

Legal Action

Anti-bullying laws are changing to include cyberbullying and the actions that are legally justified. Although the specific laws can vary in different countries, anti-bullying laws are taking a strict approach to online harassment and the legal solutions that are available. The major concern is whether the bullying laws are too strict or do not meet the needs of the population.

Anti-bullying laws and changes to laws to include cyberbullying can complicate court proceedings. Bullying that takes place over social media or electronic devices is not always easy to prove. Slang and misunderstandings related to teenage vocabulary make it harder to determine if students were bullying others or using terms of affections.

Arguments Related to Anti-Bullying Laws

As new laws are proposed, it is not surprising that parents are polarized. Bullying has a negative impact on students and is sometimes a deadly problem.

Although it is clear that online bullying is a problem, the laws are not always clear enough to determine what is harassment and what is not. According to ThinkProgress.org, some individuals and groups think that the anti-bullying laws are actually related to political agendas. Most cases of bullying are not necessarily related to issues that the laws are calling to account, which means that the laws are flawed.

Actions By Parents

Teenagers and children are exposed to violence on television and video games each year. That exposure can lead to inside jokes that look like bullying, but children or teenagers might not always think of it in the same way. The average satellite TV package has roughly 285 channels, according to GetDirectTV.org, but most service providers offer parental controls. By setting guidelines and blocking certain channels and programs, parents can make sure only positive entertainment is viewed.

With all of the concerns related to the legal issues, it is easy to understand why parents might be concerned. New reports suggest that cyberbullying is causing the deaths or severe injuries of young children and teens.

According to Fox News, cyberbullying can lead to problems related to self-esteem and confidence in young adults. By setting up parental blocks, it is possible to reduce the risk of bullying on social media or similar websites. Parents may feel that reading text messages and posts on social media is extreme, but it is ultimately a personal decision about how far to take safety precautions.

As the legal system brings up new concerns or pushes new laws, it is not surprising that it is spiraling into a debate. Fortunately, the debate is providing parents and teachers with the knowledge to help fight bullying and protect children until they are old enough to protect themselves.

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