What Americans Typically Eat According To Supermarkets Around The World

Not all American citizens are unhealthy or overweight, but U.S. food sections in other countries suggest otherwise...

Credit: Bored Panda

Americans have accumulated the reputation of being fat, lazy, and unhealthy. While that is a blanket stereotype – similar to suggesting that all African citizens are poor and dying of malnutrition – there is some truth to the assertion that bad eating habits are rampant in the United States. After all, approximately 1/3 of the population is overweight and 1/3 is obese.

These statistics aren’t an effect of poor genes, but unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits which contribute to diseases of affluence over time. Until the general populace invests in healthier food options, changes the way they think and adopts healthier lifestyle habits, little will change, and the skyrocketing rates of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cancer will continue to increase.

Perhaps a reflection of ‘American’ food choices from around the globe will inspire healthier eating habits. At the very least, the following images (compiled by Bored Panda) will provide insight on the types of snacks and treats many U.S. citizens are fond of.

1) American Food Section In England

Credit: skiptonskipper

2) This Is The American Section In A New Zealand Grocery Store

Credit: not_charles_grodin

3) American Food Section In France

Credit: imgur

4) The “USA” Section At The Local Galleria Upscale Grocery. 

Credit: Caleb_Denison

5) Belgian Grocery Store’s American Section Is Just Pop And Guac Mix

Credit: GillianKloet

6) This Fancy Colombian Grocery Store Has A Section For Us Foreigners From The USA. 

Credit: liz315

7) The American Food Section In My Local Supermarket – North Suburb Of Paris

Credit: Patriceg

8) American Food Section In Australia

9) American Food Section In The UK

Credit: dayus9

10) American Food In German Supermarket

Credit: imgur

11) American Section Of International Grocery Store In Amsterdam

Credit: kidfay

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