We All Care About The Environment, But Is This New Law A Step Too Far?

Seattle has decided to shame residents who don't compost by painting red letters on their trash cans

Seattle has decided to punish residents who don’t sort through their trash correctly by painting a red mark on their garbage bins to ‘name and shame’ the offenders for the whole neighborhood to see.  A law passed on January 1st aims to keep food out of landfill sites, and starting in July the city will hand out fines to any residents who are not complying. In addition, a ‘bright red tag’ will be painted on trash cans to embarrass homeowners.

The report from The Young Turks above explains how the scheme would work, and discusses the pros and cons of such a draconian measure. We all care about the environment, but is it fair to penalize people by graffiti-ing their bins, and how would this work for those living in shared apartment blocks?

What do you think? Is this another example of Big Brother government interference, or do you believe it’s the right thing to do? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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