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Read through the comments on most TrueActivist posts and you’re likely to come across the statements “Humans are a plague to this planet,”We’ve dramatically altered the Earth – and not for the better,” and “It’s time we, as a collective, wake up and change before we’re forced to…” 

Such thoughts no doubt convey the frustration many activists feel when it comes to  living in a less-than-conscious world, but can you imagine what would actually happen if humans were to, all of a sudden, become extinct?

You sure wouldn’t be sitting there reading this article, but then again, many things would be drastically different.

In this incredible thought experiment presented by ASAPScience, the impact humanity has on the planet, as well as the incredible resilience of nature, is explored. View the video below and see what science has to say on how the Earth would change if humans were to suddenly disappear.


What do you think would transpire? First, all power plants would first run out of fuel and electrical fences would cause to work. Then, nearly 1.5 billion cows, 1 billion pigs, and 20 billion chickens would escape into the wild. As the natural order of nature began to restore, displaced animal freed from zoos would create new wildlife populations, and domestic pets would quickly become fodder for more dangerous, hungrier animals.

Roadways would turn into rivers, wood houses would catch on fire, concrete buildings would crumble…   yet one thing would remain – our plastic. 

Give the above video a watch and then share in the comments section your thoughts on the matter.

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