Watch What This Guy Did With His “Tiny House”

Jay Nelson grew up making surfboards and paintings and after art school he started building tree-houses. He has a style of building that he developed over the years so every time he starts working on a new project he considers what’s on offer and how he can work with it. For example, with a treehouse the tree dictates the design and when customizing a car he have to work with lines that are already there.

He recently sent these awesome photos of a new Tiny House he built in Hawaii to The Shelter Blog.

Artist Jay Nelson’s new tiny 200 square feet house in Hawaii

jay-nelson-1Photos by Jess Bianchi © Jay Nelson

Yes that’s right, a place ANYONE can call home

jay-nelson-2Photos by Jess Bianchi © Jay Nelson

Who said you cannot entertain in a Tiny House?

jay-nelson-3Photos by Jess Bianchi © Jay Nelson

I wouldn’t mind sleeping under the stars like that!

jay-nelson-4Photos by Jess Bianchi © Jay Nelson

If you enjoyed this house then you will LOVE this couple’s Tiny House

More of his amazing artwork can be viewed here: jaynelsonart.com but please SHARE these awesome photos with your friends and family.

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