Watch What Happens When Trevor Noah Show Puts Trump Fans Through Ideology Test

We'll give you a hint: it's painful...

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Believe it or not, Donald Trump actually supports some very progressive initiatives. Not only is he in favor of equal pay in the workplace, he also believes America should embrace gay marriage – something many of his Conservative supporters are not in favor of. That?s what makes this new ?ideological extremist? test so ironic, as well as a bit humorous.

As the video below relays, Trump wants ?extreme vetting? on issues like religious freedom, gender equality, and gay rights.? That means he wants the country he intends to run to wholeheartedly accept others who adhere to different religions (which is curious, considering he?s mentioned wanting to ?label? Muslims, or at least give them special IDs) and respect people’s sexual orientations and lifestyle choices.

Fans of the business tycoon, however, don’t seem to have received the memo. During a recent rally in Wisconsin, Jordan Klepper with the Trevor Noah show approached a number of supporters and quizzed them on the recently updated ideologies. While many declare that they are, in fact, in support of extreme vetting, their answers reveal them to be in opposition of gender equality, gay rights, and religious freedom.

Watch the segment for yourself below. It?s eye-opening, if not a bit frightening.

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