Watch What Happens When This Homeless Man Tries to Eat A Stranger’s Food

Social experiment shows both generous and violent reactions to this hungry man in McDonald's

It’s almost Christmas, and millions of people are sleeping rough in freezing temperatures. Would you spare a few dollars to buy a needy person a cheeseburger?

This Russian social experiment by NormelTV was filmed in McDonald’s, where strangers were asked to watch a man’s meal while he went to the toilet. A second actor then sits down at the table and tells the people who agreed to guard the food that he is very hungry.

“I’m starving,” he says. “It’s very cold outside. Tell him I stole it.”

What would you do? Is the commitment to look after a stranger’s meal stronger than the compassion for a starving man? In most cases, it was. Some people tried to reason with the homeless guy, while others got angry. One man even threatened violence, but others were more caring and offered to buy the actor his own meal. The experiment also features a real homeless man, who generously offered a chicken nugget.

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