[Watch] Trump Supporters React To Controversial Ads And Fail To Realize They?re Satire

Some outlandish ideas were presented - and taken seriously - by Trump supporters. Part funny, part horrifying, this is a must-watch.

Credit: Funny or Die Hulu

Credit: Funny or Die Hulu

Donald Trump may have outlandish ideas and abrasive ways of presenting them, but that?s exactly why his supporters love him. In fact, ask most Trump supporters why they envision him as President of the United States, and they?ll say it?s because he?s not a politician and speaks his mind.

But just how far are supporters of the business tycoon willing to learn with their ethics? That?s a question some?comedians with Insult Comic Dog had and wanted to test out.

As you can view in the video below, the group put together a focus session with real Trump supporters and played a number of fake controversial advertisements.

In one advertisement, a voice that sounds like Trump?s presents the idea of installing guns in women?s restrooms to protect ladies against ?dangerous? transgender individuals. In another, the idea of an invisible electric fence along the border of Mexico and the U.S.A. is explained, with the idea that Mexicans would be forced to wear collars to prevent them from entering.

Watch the eye-opening experiment for yourself below:

The fact that the ads are taken seriously is both equal parts funny and terrifying, as FastCoExist summarizes, and hints at what?s to come if Donald Drumpf does make it to the White House.

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