[Watch] Trevor Noah Compares Texans Excited About Open Carry Law To Gay Pride Parade Celebrators

“Texas is out of the closet for being super gay for guns.”

Credit: Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)

Credit: Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)

Texas residents had something big to look forward to on January 1st. The day was the first opportunity handgun license holders could legally openly carry their firearm in public.

Proponents of the new law say making guns more visible will deter mass shootings. After much spirited debate, the bill became law last year.

The Texas peoples’ excitement over their ability to openly carry a handgun prompted Trevor Noah of The Daily Show to share his thoughts on the ordeal, as well as compare their cheer with those who might celebrate their sexuality at a gay pride parade.

“Texans could already carry assault rifles,” Noah points out. “So basically, it’s like they started at a 10 on the crazy scale, and now they’re saying, you know what? Let’s throw in a seven as well.”

In the segment, he shows a “very real” advertisement informing the public of the new law, then says:

“You see, gun lovers in Texas they just want to stop hiding who they really are. Although it is a little odd how as soon as people got this right they immediately went out into the streets. They were just running like yah! Ooh now I’m gonna bring my gun everywhere! We’re in the streets! Let’s go shopping and at the laundry-mat and hey I’m late at my shift at the coffee shop!”

Then, he likens the Texan’s excitement over the open-carry law to people celebrating their ability to be ‘open’ to the public about their sexuality.

“This was almost a little like when gay people first realized that society was starting to accept that people might be openly gay,” joked Noah, “and they immediately went out and started dancing on truck beds dressed as giant penises. Which, on the one hand, is great, because you be you. But at a certain point we get it,” said the host, as the image of a Texan openly carrying an assault weapon appeared next to him. “You love giant penises.”

You can watch the entire segment below:

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