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[Watch] This Trump Supporter Goes Berserk After Black Woman Refuses To Give Up Seat

This Trump supporter said we should "send [black people] back to the fields" when he couldn't find an open train seat.

Credit: Johja Ka

Credit: Johja Ka

Two videos have gone viral this week, both showing two different parts of a near-violent altercation between an angry, white?Trump supporter and a black woman on a train.

The New York subway train was packed, as per usual, according to YouTube user Johja Ka, which caused the man to get very angry and go on a tirade against the woman who wouldn’t stand up for him.?The seated woman was black and was not backing down to the man, despite his hateful screaming and the fact that it looked like he could explode into a violent fit at any moment.

In the video, he yells “Donald Trump 2016!?Put them back in the f*cking fields where they belong,”?to which the black woman responds, “You’ve revealed exactly who you are.”

He yells profanities at the woman, including,??C*nt! C*nt! C*nt!?

The woman, who is rightfully angry that she has been targeted by the man, yells back that she is going to call the “f*cking cops on this little b*tch!”

The first video can be viewed here:

The man, who had a travel companion that was able to find a seat, tried and failed to get the man to calm down by telling him to stop over and over. The rest of the passengers do nothing to diffuse the situation and, instead, avoid eye contact and say nothing.

In the second video, his tirade gets louder and scarier, as he lunges at the woman and pushes his middle finger close to her face, all the while saying, “Come for me b*tch!” in an attempt to provoke the woman.

His companion finally stands up and firmly tells him to stop before a random woman that’s calmly standing there gently pushes him away into the crowd.

Unfortunately, altercations such as these are not uncommon, especially those involving Trump supporters. Being a supporter of Trump seems to be a common denominator and the fuel for many of those hatefully attacking strangers these days, specifically non-supporters and people of color, though?these aren’t the only factors, of course.

The violence incited by Trump and his racist rhetoric is cause for concern, especially considering he is a serious contender for the American presidency.

The second video can be viewed below:

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