Watch This Priest Ridicule The Idea Of Teaching Creationism In Schools

Hats off to a religious man who realizes that faith portrayed as fact has no place in the school system

David Jennings is a theologist from Leicester University in England. He’s also a Canon, which means he’s a Priest affiliated to the Catholic Church. But although Jennings is clearly a man of faith– someone who has dedicated his entire existence to it, in fact- he’s also got his feet firmly on the ground.

In a recent televised debate in the UK, Jennings dismissed the idea of teaching Creationism in schools. He argued: “There are some people who still believe that the Earth is balanced on the back of an elephant. There are some who still believe that the world is flat. Some believe that the Earth is made of cheese or that the Sun goes around the Earth.” He went on: “But we know that’s just not true anymore. People are free to believe whatever they want in the privacy of their own home, but to teach young people things that we know are not true is tantamount to abuse.”

Do you agree? Could there be a middle ground, like teaching creationism as mythology, rather than in the science class? Let us know what you think in the comments section. The program is a regular debate show from the BBC called The Big Questions. You can watch the whole debate here.

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