[Watch] Strangers Form Human Chain To Rescue Woman From Floodwaters

These good samaritans didn’t think twice before helping a woman who was stranded in her car during a record flood.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

In Elliot City, Maryland, a state of emergency was declared on Saturday due to a record rainfall. ABC News relays that virtually every home or business along Main Street sustained some damage and at least two citizens died in the floodwaters.

Thankfully, one crisis was averted when a group of strangers quickly worked together to rescue a woman who was being pulled by the floodwaters in her car.

A man named Dave Dester and his wife were taking refuge in their Main Street shop when they saw that one of the cars being pulled down the river still contained a female driver. Immediately, the pair caught the attention of nearby shop owners and pedestrians to form a human chain and pulled the woman from her vehicle. Dave filmed the rescue while the others helped her to safety.

Out of fear, the woman refused to completely climb out of her car, reports GoodNewsNetwork. Luckily, one of the men in the chain decided to scoop her into his arms and carried her to safety. After the emotional rescue, eyewitnesses let out encouraging cheers.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to remain optimistic about humanity’s future given the amount of negativity mainstream media reports on. But if you keep in mind that most good deeds often go unreported, it may inspire you to “be the change” in your own life.

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