[Watch] Stolen Dog Is Ecstatic To Reunite With His Caretaker After Two Years

Watch the happy moment this stolen dog is reunited with his original caretaker.

There’s a reason dogs are referred to as “man’s best friend.” Because they are quick to offer unconditional love, they make the perfect companions – especially when one is going through a tough time.

A man named Jose would agree. A couple of years ago, he was going through a divorce and was homeless. A dog named Chaos, however, helped him through the tough time.

Rather than putting the dog through stress on the street, Jose chose to ask a friend of a friend to take care of the canine. When Jose had put his life back together, the person refused to give Chaos back.

Understandably, Jose was distraught. Thinking he’d never see his dog again, he gave up. Imagine his delight, then, when a Wisconsin animal shelter called him last month about Chaos.

Reportedly, the shelter found a lost dog with a microchip that pointed back to Jose.

Jose told WREX News:

“I couldn’t get to the shelter fast enough, I couldn’t wait for it to open to see Chaos!”

Credit: Winnebago County Animal Services,

Credit: Winnebago County Animal Services,

As is evident in the video (above), Chaos felt the same. Once the dog realized he was being reunited with his former owner, he burst into a blur of wagging tail and doggie grins.

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