[Watch] Stephen Colbert Is Furious With The Hate Aimed At Refugees And Tells It Like It Is

Colbert has clearly had enough and isn't afraid to voice his opinion.

Rarely does comedian Stephen Colbert get angry, but when he does, you can bet it’s for a good reason.

Upon hearing that the White House passed a bill that would refuse Syrian refugees safe haven in the United States, Colbert clearly reached his limit.

In a segment for the Late Show, the outspoken comedian expressed his outrage in a rant only he can pull off.

As Addicting Info reports, Syrian refugees are fleeing from ISIS by the millions (latest numbers report that 10.6 million Syrians have been displaced from the war which started in 2011). They’ve lost their homes, the children are haunted by nightmares (and sleeping in horrible conditions), and now a large percent of American citizens are allowing fear to get the best of them.

The United States has considered taking in as many as 10,000 refugees, but that is a tiny fraction of the millions begging for assistance. America was founded by immigrants seeking asylum and freedom – where are the descendants of those free-thinkers now?

It seems Liberals are the only ones speaking out, and Stephen Colbert is leading the conversation.

Watch the video above for yourself, share this important opinion, and comment your thoughts below.

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