[Watch] Sarasota Man Transforms 90-Year-Old Widow’s Life In Astonishing Way

A 90-year-old woman nearly lost her home. This mans' generosity, however, ensured that she stayed put.

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A 90-year-old woman from Sarasota, Florida, Marie Louise Sikorski, was facing outstanding fines for numerous code violations stemming from her unkempt pink house, a place she called home for the last 70 years.

After her husband passed away, Sikorski could no longer maintain her home and people have been filing their complaints. Fortunately for her, a man named Miles G., also a resident of Sarasota, lent her a much-needed helping hand.

The philanthropic giving began when the elder woman asked Miles to work on her home for up to 16 hours per day. Shortly after, however, neighbors began offering their own help, as well. It didn’t take long before the Sikorski’s pink house became a project for the entire community to work on.

Of course, Sikorski was more than happy to have Miles volunteer as he was able to turn things around for her.

Watch the heart-warming gesture of genuine kindness below.

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