[Watch] Sarah Silverman’s New Video Endorsing Bernie Sanders Is Going Viral

The comedian maintains her signature style while urging voters and non-voters alike to take part in the upcoming elections and support Bernie Sanders.

After Bernie Sanders’ monumental win in Washington last week, a number of U.S. citizens are #FeelinTheBern. Clearly, the Socialist Jew’s campaign is far from over, and such is a fact comedian Sarah Silverman seeks to make wellknown.

In a recent video, the comedian and actress urges the public – voters and non-voters alike – to take the upcoming election seriously and support Sanders, the only candidate not taking mega money from corrupt corporations.

She makes a powerful case for why people who have become burned out with politics should support him regardless:

“It’s important that you treat your vote as something valuable, because it is. It’s so valuable. Candidates literally spend billions of dollars trying to get your vote,” she says.

Silverman also acknowledges in the opening part of the video that she used to support Hillary Clinton. However, because the former Secretary of State is a liar (and a war criminal) who gladly takes handouts from the banks and corporations she promises to address as president, she lost Sarah’s valuable support.

It’s when the comedic woman realized she had a lot more in common with Bernie Sanders that she decided to back his campaign. Not only does Bernie Sanders refuse to take big money, opting instead to run a nationwide presidential campaign based solely on small-dollar support from millions of regular people, he has been campaigning against unjust laws and corruption in the government for years.

Said Silverman:

“This man is running for president on a platform that is just a giant fuck-you to the above-the-law billionaire class who have been controlling government policy with their money, and not paying a nickel in taxes through government loopholes they secure with said money. 

Without taking a penny from Super PACs, corporations, or self-interest groups, Bernie Sanders raised over $100 million from over 5 million individual donations, donations from human people, averaging $27 each.”

Credit: Sarah Silverman

Credit: Sarah Silverman

She continued,

“He proved that what is right can also be possible. He’s proven that Citizens United is not a necessary evil. It’s just evil.” 

Because most people also misunderstand Sanders’ socialist standings, she also refutes the allegations that Bernie would destroy American capitalism. 

“Good lord, don’t worry! Under President Sanders, you can still become a super-rich asshole!” Silverman explained. “It’s just that your fellow citizens don’t have to feed their children cat food in order for you to do it.”

The thought-provoking video is finished with one final plea:

“Don’t be sucked into a rigged American Dream ponzi scheme that was never intended to include you. Vote.”

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