[Watch] Quick-Thinking Citizen Pulls Man From Burning Car, Saves His Life

A man dragged an unconscious individual from an SUV billowing with smoke, saving his life in the process.


Credit: Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office

Heroes do exist, they just don’t all wear capes. The world learned of one such individual when an anonymous man saved an unconscious person’s life as the SUV they were sitting in lit up in flames.

As the video below reveals, the man can be seen shouting at the driver to get out of the vehicle before it burst into flames. However, no one emerges even after the furious yelling.

This spurred the hero to approach the vehicle and drag the unconscious victim from the SUV. He laid him down in the California shopping plaza parking lot while they waited for firefighters and EMT workers to arrive.

To thank the man for his bravery, the sheriff’s department intends to award him with a plaque.

You see? Good does exist on this planet. Unfortunately, mainstream media tends to ignore positive happenings which take place in the world. Humans can – and are – consciously evolving, and this daring rescue might just be evidence of that.

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