[Watch] Orphaned Orangutan Rescued From Cardboard Box Meets First Friend

Last October, Gito was found close to death in a urine-covered covered box. Now, he's healthy enough to begin pre-school and is even making new friends!

In October of last year, a crusty, young orangutan was found abandoned and close to his death in West Borneo. International Animal Rescue, located in West Kalimantan, happened upon the poor baby who was dumped in the filthy, urine-covered box and left out in the sun to die.

As the organization reported, the young orangutan, named Gito, was critically ill and suffering from highly contagious parasitic skin infection. He seemed to be in so much pain, the team wasn?t sure he would make it?

Credit: International Animal Rescue

Credit: International Animal Rescue

But with enough support from rescue staff and donors from around the world, Gito made it through. Now, the young orangutan is healthy enough to interact with the world and even begin preschool!

International Animal Rescue shared on their Facebook page that Gito was recently introduced to the first orangutan he has seen since he was likely taken from his mother and sold as a pet.

In the beautiful footage (above), Gito is absolutely fascinated with Asoka, the other young orangutan. He stares at Asoka and reaches out to touch, lick and chew on his new friend as much as possible!

Imagine the condition Gito was in a few months ago, and now look at the bond he?s formed with his new friend! The transformation is humbling and inspiring, to say the least.

Credit: International Animal Rescue

Gito and Asoka napping together. Credit: International Animal Rescue

Unfortunately, the unsustainable production of palm oil is threatening the survival of thousands of orangutans in Indonesia and Malaysia.

If you?re inspired to ?be the change? you desire to see in the world, boycott the mass clearing of land that devastates wildlife and the environment by refusing to purchase any products that contain palm oil.?

Common names for Palm Oil include:

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Other possible names:

  • Vegetable oil (if product contains saturated fats, it’s most likely palm oil!!)
  • Anything containing ?stearate, stearyl?
  • Anything containing the words ?cetyl, cetearyl?
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate?
  • Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate
  • (SDS or NaDS) Sodium
  • Calcium Stearoyl Lactylate Steareth -2
  • Steareth -20 Emulsifier 422, 430-36, 465-67, 470-8, 481-483

You, as a consumer, vote with your dollar. By pulling your support from companies that use palm oil in their products and, as a result, contribute to a devastated environment and orphaned orangutans like Gito and Asoka, you are helping create a better world.

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